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Animation and Games – Minecraft coding for senior Applied ICTPDF8MBOneNote50MB
Apps for Good – design social app for Senior Applied ICTPDF2MBOneNote651MB
Coding with Minecraft – Jnr Dig Tech PDF12MBOneNote256MB
Creative Coding – Jnr Dig Tech, ScratchPDF5MBOneNote89MB
Embedded Systems – Dig Tech, MakeCode and CircuitPython on CPEPDF3MBOneNote23MB
Gaming Console – Snr Dig Tech, MakeCode ArcadePDF2MBOneNote7MB
Gaming – ICT Applied, gDevelop, Game DesignPDF2MBOnenote18MB
Physical Computing and Embedded Systems – everything ArduinoPDFOneNote225MB
Robotics 101 – Jnr Dig Tech, LEGO EV3PDF6MBOneNote200MB
MakeCode Mindstorms Robotics101PDF6MBOneNote200MB
The Art of Code – from scratch to Python, turtle graphics, Jnr Dig TechPDF5MBOneNote59MB
Vex – Snr Dig TechPDF3MBOneNote39MB
Virtual and Augmented Reality – Applied ICT, MetaversePDF2MBOneNote5MB
Wearable Tech – Jnr Dig TechPDF4MBOneNote107MB
Stem Invention with Sam LabsPDF4MBOneNote30MB
RoboCup Rescue Line with MakeCode Mindstorms and LEGO EV3PDF4MBOneNote30MB
RoboCup Soccer with MakeCode Mindstorms and LEGO EV3PDF4MBOneNote30MB
Microbit with MicroPythonPDF4MBOneNote30MB
Full stack webappsPDF2MBOneNote12MB
Vex IQ ChallengePDF2MBOneNote12MB
First Lego LeaguePDF2MBOneNote12MB
M6 Fashioning TechPDF2MBOneNote12MB
IoT with BBC MicrobitPDF5.2MBOneNote516MB
IoT Invention with ArduinoPDF16.4MBOneNote272MB

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URLFileDescriptionContent KnowledgeLanguage/Platform/FrameworksTechnology Contextstage
Udacity-Intro to Computer Science Udacity-Intro to Computer Science Instructional Site 10-12
coursera CS courses coursera CS courses Learning Resources Site 11-12
Harvard-CS principles Harvard-CS principles edx course Instructional Site 10-12
Harvard-Introduction to Computer Science Harvard-Introduction to Computer Science edx course Instructional Site 11-12
teachingtree.cs concepts in CS Learning Resources Site 10-12
oracle java tutorials oracle java tutorials Algorithms and programming Java 10-12
processing processing tutorials Instructional Site Processing Interactive Media 7-10
xamarin Deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps Algorithms and programming Xamarin and C# Mobile Apps 10-12
apache cordove Mobile apps with HTML, CSS & JS Algorithms and programming Cordova Mobile Apps 10-12
Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, Algorithms and programming 10-12
Learning to Program in Python Learning to Program in Python Book Learning Resources Site Python 11-12
academy-of-code css html php mysql Instructional Site PHP/MySQL Web Applications 11-12
learn unity verything you need to become a Unity developer Instructional Site Unity 3D (C#) Interactive Media 11-12
How to design programs free book from MIT press Algorithms and programming Interactive Media 10-12
open.sap Design Your First App with Build Instructional Site Mobile Apps 10-12
Google CS Google CS Instructional Site 7-10
openclassroom.stanford Full courses. Short Videos. Free for everyone. Learning Resources Site 11-12
UQ cyberschool This LibGuide is designed to provide senior secondary students with links to useful curriculum-related online links, which are free. Learning Resources Site 10-12
Information Processing and Technology - A Virtual Approach Information Processing and Technology - A Virtual Approach Learning Resources Site 10-12
codap CODAP is a free web-based data tool designed as a platform for developers and as an application for students in grades 6–14. Data and Programming HTML/CSS/Javascript Web Applications 10-12