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Animation and Games – Minecraft coding for senior Applied ICTPDF8MBOneNote50MB
Apps for Good – design social app for Senior Applied ICTPDF2MBOneNote651MB
Coding with Minecraft – Jnr Dig Tech PDF12MBOneNote256MB
Creative Coding – Jnr Dig Tech, ScratchPDF5MBOneNote89MB
Embedded Systems – Dig Tech, MakeCode and CircuitPython on CPEPDF3MBOneNote23MB
Gaming Console – Snr Dig Tech, MakeCode ArcadePDF2MBOneNote7MB
Gaming – ICT Applied, gDevelop, Game DesignPDF2MBOnenote18MB
Physical Computing and Embedded Systems – everything ArduinoPDFOneNote225MB
Robotics 101 – Jnr Dig Tech, LEGO EV3PDF6MBOneNote200MB
MakeCode Mindstorms Robotics101PDF6MBOneNote200MB
The Art of Code – from scratch to Python, turtle graphics, Jnr Dig TechPDF5MBOneNote59MB
Vex – Snr Dig TechPDF3MBOneNote39MB
Virtual and Augmented Reality – Applied ICT, MetaversePDF2MBOneNote5MB
Wearable Tech – Jnr Dig TechPDF4MBOneNote107MB
Stem Invention with Sam LabsPDF4MBOneNote30MB
RoboCup Rescue Line with MakeCode Mindstorms and LEGO EV3PDF4MBOneNote30MB
RoboCup Soccer with MakeCode Mindstorms and LEGO EV3PDF4MBOneNote30MB
Microbit with MicroPythonPDF4MBOneNote30MB

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URLFileDescriptionContent KnowledgeLanguage/Platform/FrameworksTechnology Contextstage
Code School teaches code through video tutorials and application tasks. Instructional Site HTML/CSS/Javascript P-10
CoderDojo free coding clubs provided globally that teach the language of programming Learning Resources Site P-10
Treehouse $$$ videos and challenges to teach the skills of coding Instructional Site Java P-10
Try Computing lesson plans submitted by teachers Learning Resources Site P-10
VidCode $$$ nteractive way to learn code Algorithms and programming HTML/CSS/Javascript 7-10
Pencil code free, collaborative site designed for teaching and learning programming. Algorithms and programming HTML/CSS/Javascript 7-10
codingbat - python exercises to practice coding Algorithms and programming Python 7-10
codingbat - Java exercises to practice coding Instructional Site Java 7-10
scratch scratch block programming Instructional Site Scratch P-6
code 4 kids blog post with examples of Digital Technologies Learning Resources Site P-6
cs unplugged CS on paper Algorithms and programming P-10
scootle more than 20,000 digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum Learning Resources Site Other 7-10
grok learning $$$ introduction to programming using Python 3 Instructional Site Python 7-10
Khan Academy - Computer Science KA Computer Science course Instructional Site HTML/CSS/Javascript 7-10
Khan Academy - Computer Programming KA Computer Programming course Instructional Site HTML/CSS/Javascript 7-10
Computing At School (CAS) Community UK CS resources Learning Resources Site P-10
Digital Technologies Hub Find great lesson ideas linked to the curriculum Learning Resources Site P-10
code.org expanding access to computer science Learning Resources Site P-10