IoT Invention with BBC Microbit

I have just finished a unit for a year 7 STEM class. This is based on the resources available at do your bit, a challenge for children and teens to combine creativity and technology in solutions for the Global Goals. The coding is Microsoft MakeCode. It is mapped against both Digital and Design Technologies ACARA standards.

Please find the pdf or OneNote or on this page:


Troubleshooting EV3 and MakeCode

I am a big fan of Lego Mindstorms and MakeCode. However, the firmware is a bit buggie. The main issues that I have had is that after a while, the EV3 drive does not map and no amount of restarts seem to fix it. The other is that there must be an issue with adding programs with the same filenames or something. Certainly, you can’t delete from the brick. This means that when you tweak a setting and upload your program again, the old version runs and not the new. Given the rate of prototyping cycles involved in Robotics, I hope they solve this one soon. Some guidance to solve these issues is below.