STEM Invention with SAM Labs

I recently was lent a SAM Labs kit from MTA, so I decided to design a unit for an upcoming STEM class. I normally beta test these with students before I blog, but I couldn’t wait to make these available, and maybe you can give it a go.

The unit is wide open, with a lot of work in having students identifying a problem that needs to be solved or how life can be improved with some kind of IOT device. While this has always been my dream, its probably only for the brave and perhaps a hackathon in a restricted context is wiser.

I have also used Blockly via Workbench, which is starting to complement Makecode nicely. The standard environment for SAM Labs is their proprietary App which is a node-based coding environment.

The unit also uses Agile project management and team problem solving for all those 21st Century soft skills. These are also mapped into both the Digital and Design Technologies syllibi.

The unit can be downloaded as a Onenote or PDF and other goodies are available on the DigTech page.


Proxy Fix for Raspberry Pi

When I first opened my shiny new Raspberry Pi 3, my excitement was soon dampened as I had no network or internet access; rendering my Pi at least half as useful. Luckily, my techie is a Linux wiz and he created a custom build that was able to authenticate on our network.

The build document you need is Raspberry Pi Build Doc. I suggest you give this to a tech if you have one. Once built, the Raspberry Pi SD card can be cloned. Watch the video below: